If You Think Will Smith Was Right, You’re Not Alone

And this is why it’s a big problem

Jeremiah S Blanchard


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If you were one of the millions of viewers watching the 2022 Academy Awards, you’re likely to find yourself in one of two distinct camps — one that thinks Will Smith’s actions were warranted, and one that thinks his actions were uncalled for.

No matter what you think or how you feel about it, once again, nobody in this country can agree on anything.

There are those who would say that slapping someone across the face in public was justified, and exactly what Chris Rock deserved. And there are those who plainly see that what happened was no less than simple assault.

Here’s why Will Smith was wrong

First, you go to a public setting where actors get made fun of all the time, knowing very well that this has been the case for over half a century. Second, it was a fucking joke. Boo, or don’t laugh if you find it unfunny.


How in your right mind do you assault someone and then later stand up and say that you’re trying really hard to understand what God has called you to do? And then start talking about how much love you have for everyone?

This is yet another example of people using religion and “love” to explain away their poor decisions.

Love doesn’t make anyone crazy. A poor understanding of love does that.

All of us, we’re tired. We’re already dealing with a lot. And the last thing the world wants to see right now is more violent behavior, or someone with a large public platform being unable to control his emotions.

Now, here’s why Will Smith was right

Too many people think they can talk to anyone (or about anyone) without any consequences ever happening. And it’s gotten worse as social media has infiltrated our lives.

Some people need a slap across the face every now and then just to let reality become clear — that we’re not all robots sitting behind a screen. The emotions we create with what we say are real. And the people we hurt are also very real.

Sometimes, you have to stand up for yourself or defend those you love.



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