How Not Trying Will Make You Successful

Sometimes our effort needs to be effortless.

~ Obi-Wan Kenobi

Have you ever let yourself go in a river?

Have you ever surrendered to the mercy of the current?

Powerful things happen when we release — when we let go of all we think we know and allow ourselves to settle into one space, to ride the current.

It is during this time where we have the most clarity, where wonderful things begin to happen in our lives seemingly by chance.

But this is not by chance at all, as nothing ever is.

All men have these moments, and though we don’t notice them while they occur, our hindsight proves their perfect existence is quite real.

It is only through these moments will we thrive, driving forward to the final breath.

By not trying, we reap our greatest rewards. This is where life becomes effortless.

But don’t take it from me.

Think back to when you’ve had these moments, the moments when you simply let go and things came right to you.

Letting go is perhaps an ancient art re-found, and being reapplied today.

The art of letting go can be found everywhere these days. It’s written on Facebook walls, ingrained in memes, used as the thesis of many inspirational works and is coming to be part of common speak in nearly all holistic practices.

But aside from that, letting go is a form of meditation.

It is an act of releasing the mental and physical bindings that we all place on ourselves. And it is a wading into the spiritual waters of life, into a current that will ultimately ferry us home.

If you recall your most special moments, when magic seemed to happen, when inspiration came from nowhere, these were the times when everything seemed to flow perfectly. The world took the shape you envisioned and filled you with a sense of pure joy.

These are the times when you let go.

And, you probably didn’t even know it happened.

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

I remember the day when I first began blogging.

It was all of 4 degrees outside and snow was falling, piling atop the two feet that had already fallen the day before. I hadn’t felt such cold in many years. It was the sort of cold where your nostrils freeze together when you breathe in, and the kind that makes your skin feel as tight as burnt leather.

I’d found myself in upstate New York, just north of the Adirondack park and in a small but quaint house situated on north bank of the St. Regis river.

My very first post was about that river, and it was the most effortless piece of work I’d ever written.

As my days were spent stuck inside of a snow globe, I figured starting a blog was a good idea to pass the time and air out a few thoughts.

Little did I know I’d be sitting here eight years later, writing about that day.

I recall staring at the computer screen and not having a clue what to type. Then, as if willed by some energy I’d never known, I began to type the first thought that came into my mind.

I learned then how to be honest and bare my truth as I wrote, and promised myself then that what I would write would always be my honest thoughts and feelings.

And in speaking this truth, modestly I’ve managed to touch and inspire people across the country, and across the world.

I’ve made many friends and many acquaintances and I’m thankful for every one, as many others have helped me to grow as a writer, and many more have inspired me to continue.

What happened then was a letting go of everything that blocked the flow of truth as I saw it from my point of view.

By releasing the fear of what others might think, in releasing the doubt that I wasn’t good enough or the thought that my voice didn’t matter, I was able to speak to the world without a filter, and without a censor.

I was able to be myself. And in doing so, I found my center — a wellspring of pure thought and a voice that came forth from deep within.

Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

In this life many of us cling to certain things for certain reasons.

We cling to some things we feel are truths, though they may not be truthful at all.

However, it is only by letting go of this grasp that we truly free ourselves from our own devices. And once we are free of ourselves, we will then find ourselves, right at our center, at our own wellspring.

Confusing? Maybe. But just let go, and it will become simple.

Then you’ll see, trying isn’t necessary.

When we let go, the current takes us. But we’re still at the helm.

We can see the distant shore, and we can feel the flow of life around us.

Then, once we’ve captured this magic, we’ll be standing on our shores smiling and waiting, watching for the day we see all true hearts open wide for all to witness.

And there, we will let go again and become free, and glide along the current of life.

Blogger | Philosopher | Self Help & Inspirational Writer | Common sense advice for the common person, hoping to leave the world a bit better than I found it.

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