I quit smoking after 20 years. It’s much easier than you think.

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Are you a smoker? Do you vape?

Addicted to alcohol? Sex? Marijuana? Do you spend every waking hour on social media?

Aside from vaping, I’ve been addicted to all of the aforementioned to some degree.

Here’s how I quit, and so can you.

Stop Treading on the Slippery Slope of Selfishness

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If I were to scroll through stories on Instagram or Facebook, I’m willing to bet I’ll run across the mention of “self-love” more than fifty times.

Self-love has become trendy, and the trend has been changing for more than a few years now. Just Google self-love and see how many memes and images you come up with. And, though the foundation for this movement is one (like many) that was popularized with good intentions, it has found its way into the masses who (as usual) don’t have a full understanding of its true philosophy.

Self-love is largely being replaced with…

You don’t find purpose. You create it.

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I know why you’re here. Life’s got you feeling a bit down.

Maybe you feel like you’re missing something.

Or, maybe you started something that you thought would define you and down the road you realized that it wasn’t what you wanted. In fact, maybe you even hated what you were doing after a while. Maybe you even hated yourself for making the wrong choice.

But, you loved that thing — that amazing, self-defining thing was supposed to be your purpose, right?


First, let me tell you a secret. I’m 43 years old. One thing I can attest to…

Sometimes we’re forced to grow, and this is the best way

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Some of you have probably been through significant life challenges — things which have broken you or left you feeling broken.

Sound familiar?

I’ve gone through many moments where I’ve felt my own footing slip out from under me, where I’ve come away frustrated, saddened, feeling defeated or otherwise just pissed off at the hand I’ve been dealt. But this is life. It’s challenging and beautiful — eloquent and arrogant. Whether it’s the river or the flop, we all deal with choice, and chance.

But if you’ve come away from pain or challenge not feeling as though you’ve grown stronger…

Sometimes the best advice doesn’t come from a person.

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Online gurus are everywhere these days. You can find a guru of anything from spiritual disciplines to weight loss, from online gaming to child-rearing. You name it, and there’s someone out there claiming to be an expert.

But where does this often self-proclaimed expertise come from?

Most of the time its been taken from other self-proclaimed experts who acquired their “mastery” from someone else who also gleaned much (if not all) of their knowledge at secondhand, or more probable — at 53rd hand.

Today, we have oceans of knowledge flooding our social structures, but often they contain barely a drop…

How to tune out the noise and seek answers from within.

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Did you just see an ad for, “dealing with stress?”

Don’t worry, we’ve all seen them, and they are everywhere — all falling under the guise of self-help and personal development.

The self-help section of your local book store is massive, and it’s probably one of the largest sections in the store. Not surprisingly, the online distribution of self-help is even larger. But, containing both, the global personal development market size was estimated to be over 38.2 Billion U.S. dollars in 2019. This number was projected to climb to over 40 Billion in 2021.

What can we learn from this…

Here’s why the world owns your gift, not you.

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I could begin by saying we’re all special, that we all have these unique ways which allow us to contribute to society. But that wouldn’t be true.

You only contribute what you think you need to.

In fact, many people would rather not contribute at all.

Some would rather sit idle and let everyone else do the work. Only a few put forth genuine effort. Only a few believe in themselves enough to push through — against the weight of the world. And only a few succeed.

But, we’re far more powerful than that.

Because we all have a gift…

If you think people are less compassionate, this might surprise you.

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Have you noticed that no matter which way you tune your senses, people seem to be a bit less compassionate than they used to be?

If so, you’re not alone.

Recognizing the ability for some to turn a blind eye to horror has become too common as of late. If you consider our last presidential election, you may fully understand this point.

Nearly half of the country voted for an immoral man.

But, this is not a political post. I promise.

What we have today is a deepening echo chamber of like individuals all sharing like opinions. We see it…

Hint: Words are expensive. Use them wisely.

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So you just sent off that angry text.

Wait for it…

You watch as your incoming text bubble pulses on your phone. It’s been going for a while so you’re now expecting a book-length response, possibly to berate you for your agitated message.

It happens to us all — at least to those of us who use modern technology regularly. But technology isn’t the only way we communicate, even though it’s hard to remember a time where we didn’t.

Yes, face-to-face communication still exists. And, believe it or not, the same etiquette is expected whether we speak in person, over…

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s lost it.

Photo by Ümit Yıldırım on Unsplash

Remember when you could envision an entire world all in your mind?

Sadly, most of us can’t remember that far back.

Regardless, we were once all masters of our own private universe. The glimmer of a sunbeam shining down through the trees was enough to spark an entire world full of magical forest creatures, all able to defy the laws of time and space, and this existed all in our minds.

And, wouldn’t you agree that childhood truly is a magical time in its own right?

It’s a time of learning the world and of realizing (becoming) the truest and…

Jeremiah S Blanchard

Blogger | Philosopher | Self Help & Inspirational Writer | Common sense advice for the common person, hoping to leave the world a bit better than I found it.

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